Our board of directors has the primary responsibility for implementing and ensuring corporate governance responsibilities to promote a culture of integrity throughout the Corporation. Our governance policies ensure we conduct ourselves and our business in a responsible and ethical manner and that our governance practices are in the best interest of our shareholders.

The Company continually reviews its practices and policies with a view to make meaningful improvements resulting in improved standards of corporate governance.

Charters and Policies

 Mandate of the Board

 Audit Committee Charter

 Corporate Governance and Compensation Mandate

 Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Policy

 Whistleblower Policy

 Board Diversity Policy

 Majority Voting Policy


Constating Documents

 Articles of Incorporation

 By-Laws of the Company


Environmental Awareness

Sound environmental, safety and occupational health management practices are in the best interests of Nighthawk, its employees, officers, directors, shareholders and the communities in which it operates. Nighthawk is committed to conducting its business in accordance with recognized industry standards and to meeting or exceeding all applicable environmental and occupational health and safety laws and regulations.

 Safety, Health and Environmental Affairs Policy

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