Developing Canada's Next Gold Camp

The Indin Lake Greenstone Belt (“Indin Lake”), is home to one of the few remaining under-explored gold camps in Canada - the Indin Lake Gold Camp. It’s host to several gold deposits and showings, the most significant being the past-producing Colomac open-pit gold mine, located within the north-central portion of the Company's Indin Lake Gold Property.

Consolidation of the gold camp began in 2010 and culminated with the acquisition of the Colomac Mine and surrounding mining leases in 2012. Nighthawk has secured all the gold mines, deposits, and showings to become the first company to combine the camp’s best assets and prospective opportunities under one ownership.


An Untapped Archean Gold Camp


Indin Lake is geologically similar to many historic Archean gold camps renowned for their prolific production profile, with the exception that it has not been the subject of focused and continuous exploration. Indin Lake is underlain by stratigraphy similar in composition and age to the Timmins Gold Camp of northern Ontario, Canada (> 75 million ounces of gold production to-date), and the Kalgoorlie Goldfields of Western Australia (> 60 million ounces of gold production to-date). All three Archean terrains have also undergone several early periods of structural deformation including thrust faulting and folding; fundamental requirements to the formation of dynamic gold systems. Herein lies the opportunity, as Indin Lake has not undergone the 100 plus years of exploration and development that these two giants have experienced, yet it possesses the prerequisite characteristics that suggests the existence of a highly fertile gold camp.

The Company’s flagship asset, Colomac, is hosted by a differentiated sill of intermediate to mafic composition. This deposit type is almost non-existent in the Canadian landscape, however, differentiated intrusions are known to contain large gold deposits. One of the world’s largest, the Golden Mile Dolerite, is similar to Colomac as both host deposits within fractionated mafic intrusions in a stratigraphy dominated by mafic volcanic rocks. They also occur in similar age rocks, have similar strike lengths, have been subjected to similar styles and intensities of deformation and alteration, and contain gold preferentially concentrated within the more silica-rich (brittle) upper portions of the sills.

In 2012 Nighthawk established Colomac as a fractionated sill and recognised it as a Golden Mile Dolerite analogue (see press release dated June 20, 2012). Since then the Company has focused on developing the thesis that Indin Lake is home to a highly prospective and underexplored gold camp, with a previously unrecognized multi-million-ounce gold deposit that shares many similarities to the largest gold deposit within the world’s second most prolific Archean Gold Camp. From that point onward Nighthawk has pursued the recognition and cultivation of opportunities leading to the development of Canada’s next gold camp.

The Company has been working in the area since 2009, and over the years exploration activities have increasingly expanded to advance not just Colomac, but many of the other regional prospects through diamond drilling, airborne and ground geophysics, fixed-wing and drone LiDAR surveys, detailed geological mapping, structural studies, and prospecting. Indin Lake has never been subjected to this scale of attention and being at such an early stage of exploration, new discoveries, and in particular near-surface discoveries continue to be expected.


Summary of Exploration Activities to Date


District-scale Land Position with Numerous Gold Deposits and Showings

Within the extensive Indin Lake Gold Property (899 km2), Nighthawk has identified several high-grade showings and deposits with widespread mineralization in a range of styles that are largely hosted in brittle regimes, typomorphic of many productive high-profile Archean gold camps. The continued exploration success from the satellite targets supports Nighthawk’s conviction that the Colomac deposit is not the only multi-million-ounce opportunity capable of hosting high-grade mineralization. The many prospective regional targets provide a remarkable opportunity for growth and collectively strengthen the Company’s 100% controlled regional play centered on Colomac, a growing, multi-million-ounce gold deposit.

The following table summarizes some of the more prospective regional targets and showings within the Indin Lake Gold Property, including the work completed to date by Nighthawk. Most are at an early exploration stage and require additional work to realize their ultimate potential. For more information on the Company’s regional targets, please visit the Regional Exploration section of the website.






Damoti Lake Gold Deposit

Banded Iron Formation


6.95 m of 10.12 gpt Au, including 4.20 m of 15.81 gpt Au; 23.50 m of 13.91 gpt Au, including 9.60 m of 20.95 gpt Au; and 22.50 m of 5.81 gpt Au, including 10.25 m of 10.53 gpt Au

Located 28 kilometres south of Colomac, Damoti is an important satellite deposit that also has a ramp developed into its core, which could provide possible high-grade feed for any future development opportunity at the Company’s flagship asset, Colomac.

Leta Arm Mineralized Corridor

Structure Related “Lode Gold”


Diversified drilling which intersected 17.50 mof 5.81 gpt Au, including 9.25 m of 9.65 gpt Au, and 4.75 m of 18.12 gpt Au

North Inca drilling which intersected 25.50 m (13.00 m true width) of 2.68 gpt Au, including 9.95 m of 4.90 gpt Au, and 4.60 m of 6.60 gpt Au

Located 15 kilometres southwest of Colomac along the Leta Arm Fault Zone (“LAFZ”), a well mineralized deformation zone up to 10 kilometres long and 500 metres wide which hosts several gold deposits and showings, with 4 initial prospects (North Inca and Diversified deposits, and the #3 and Lexindin showings).


Deposits and showings lie within a highly altered shear zone up to 500 metres wide hosting both parallel and extension quartz vein systems open in all dimensions.

Treasure Island Gold Project

Structure Related “Lode Gold”


46.25 m of 3.31 gpt Au, including 21.75 m of 6.23 gpt Au, and 7.75 m of 14.20 gpt Au; and 18.50 m of 7.37 gpt Au, including 8.00 m of 16.14 gpt Au, and 5.25 m of 22.00 gpt Au.

Located 11km north of Colomac, Treasure Island is the northern most project within Nighthawk’s Indin Lake Property, located along the eastern end of a 7 km long underexplored mineralized corridor “Treasure Island-Laurie Lake Mineralized Corridor” that hosts several high-priority gold showings. Drilling to date by Nighthawk has established the gold system to be upwards of 200 metres wide, 700 metres long, and open in all dimensions (see press release dated October 22, 2018).

Nice Lake Sill

Mafic Sill


Recent grab samples of 38.90 gpt Au and 41.90 gpt Au highlight the grade potential of the sill

Discovered in 2016 while prospecting a large linear anomaly 1.5 km east of Colomac that shows similarities in magnetic intensity and anomaly shape and composition to both the Colomac and Goldcrest sills.

Andy Lake Gold Project

Intrusion Related Gold System Quartz Veins


Recent grab samples from new showing range from 0.50 gpt Au to 42.10 gpt Au

Located 20 km south of Colomac within the Gamey Lake Volcanic Panel, a N-S trending volcanic rock package bordered by metasedimentary rocks to the east and west.

Swamp Project

Structure Related “Lode Gold”


Surface grab and channel samples up to 43.60 gpt Au, along with 2018 drilling which has established that surface mineralization continues to depth.

Located 6 km northwest of Colomac in association with a large deformation zone and intense iron-carbonate alteration. A broad area of anomalous gold is associated with the showing and has a minimum footprint of 1.6 km by 1.0 km.

Fishhook Gold Project

Banded Iron Formation


2018 fieldwork highlighted by a grab sample taken from a medium grained, intensely iron oxide altered banded iron formation that assayed 174.50 gpt Au

Fishhook consists of several historical gold showings spanning an area 6 km by 1.5 km, 40 km southwest of Colomac. Showings are hosted by complex folded amphibolitic oxide-silicate iron formation within a sequence of metasedimentary rocks, an environment similar to the Damoti Lake Gold Deposit

Laurie Lake Showing

Structure Related “Lode Gold”


Elevated gold values distributed over an area of 1.3 km by 1.7 km; 2018 grab samples ranged from 1.05 gpt Au to 22.50 gpt Au

The Laurie Lake showings lie 8.5 km northwest of Colomac along the western extent of the Treasure Island-Laurie Lake Mineralized Corridor. Regional geology consists of alternating mafic metavolcanic and turbiditic metasedimentary units. The area of interest is dominantly underlain by mafic metavolcanic rocks consisting of gabbro, porphyry intrusions and pillowed volcanic flows.

Bay Showing

Structure Related “Lode Gold”


Mineralization straddles gossanous metavolcanic and metasedimentary rock contacts transected by quartz veins; surface grab samples from 1.24 gpt Au to 7.02 gpt Au

Located 2.5 kilometres northeast of Laurie Lake within the northern boundary of the Treasure Island-Laurie Lake Mineralized Corridor. Local stratigraphy is dominated by mafic to intermediate metavolcanic rocks, gabbro, and porphyry intrusions, with metasedimentary rocks sandwiched between volcanic sequences.


Banded Iron Formation


Surface sampling along a 3km section of iron formation assayed up to 12.1 gpt Au confirming historic sampling of up to 15.63 gpt Au

Located 10 kilometers north of Colomac and 500 metres east of Treasure Island.

Barker-Vidie Showing

Structure Related “Lode Gold”


Grab sample from a quartz carbonate vein in altered mafic meta-volcanic rock assayed 23.60 gpt Au

Located 27 kilometres south-southwest of Colomac. Additional work is needed to further delineate the extent of mineralized quartz veining associated with this showing.

For detailed overview of recent field work on these targets, see press release dated February 19, 2019.



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